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San Pantaleo Concert
San Pantaleo Concert

San Pantaleo Concert

As part of the Strategic Relocation Program di Castelluccio Inferiore, we propose the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop.

Orario e Luogo

Jul 27, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM GMT+2

Papasidero, Piazza XXI March 1982, Chiesa di San Costantino, 87020 Papasidero CS, Italy

A proposito dell'evento

Strategists United, through Mercurion Hotspot, with the collaboration of the Municipal Administration of Papasidero and the Liberamente Association, invites you to a concert of great beauty, dedicated to the enhancement of Papasidero, the Mercure Lao Valley, and Southern Italy.

Teresa Satalino, Apulian Youth Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director

Will present: Leo Giannotti, Strategists United

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