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San Pantaleo Concert
San Pantaleo Concert

San Pantaleo Concert

As part of the Strategic Relocation Program di Castelluccio Inferiore, we propose the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop.

Hour and place

Jul 27, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM GMT+2

Papasidero, Piazza XXI March 1982, Chiesa di San Costantino, 87020 Papasidero CS, Italy


Strategists United, through Mercurion Hotspot, with the collaboration of the Municipal Administration of Papasidero and the Liberamente Association, invites you to a concert of great beauty, dedicated to the enhancement of Papasidero, the Mercure Lao Valley, and Southern Italy.

Teresa Satalino, Apulian Youth Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director

Will present: Leo Giannotti, Strategists United


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