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Wednesday 13 October 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Seconda campagna archeologica Laino Borgo

The director of this operation is Prof. Fabrizio Mollo of the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations of the University of Messina . During the research, an urban center with a road system and regular blocks that occupy a large part of the hill terraces of Santa Gada were unearthed.


The discovery is very important for the enhancement and awareness of the territory.


Prof. Fabrizio Mollo reports.

Archaeological research conference

Laino Borgo

On 10 December, at 5.00 pm, the Second Archaeological Research Campaign on the Settlement of S. Gada will take place at the New Horizons Civic Center in Laino Borgo.

Prof. Fabrizio Mollo from the Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations of the University of Messina will be present.

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Tastings and Slow Food in the Mercure Valley


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Tuesday 7 December at 17:00 the Cine Teatro Comunale di Mormanno  hold the official presentation of the Slow Food White Poverello Bean Presidium co-organized with the Slow Food Community.

Laino Borgo

At Piazza Navarro in Laino Borgo, on 10 December at 6.00 pm , the reinterpretation of the culinary art will be held by chef Luigi Apollaro.

A 'Pricicchia

Castelluccio Inferiore

The 20th edition of 'A' pricicchia will be held in Castelluccio Inferiore on December 7th.  


On this day the cellarmen will open their cellars to citizens and tourists to let them taste typical local products including excellent wine. 

Apricicchia degustazione vino
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Near the Valley

Rural Food Festival


On 8 December it will be possible to walk among the vineyards, the Pollino and the Sibari plain with the  suggestive view of the mountain of Cassano where Vincenza and Agostino Cerchiara produce their wines. Following an easy itinerary in the historic center of Civita.



Or you can decide to  savoring wine in the shadow of the small Dolomites.

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