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Strategists United, under the Repositioning Competitive Program, Strategic and Transformational of Castelluccio Inferiore, interpreting the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop, conceived for the students of the "Don Bosco" Comprehensive Institute, Lower Secondary School , Plexus of Castelluccio Inferiore "Emanuele Gianturco", represented School Director Nicola Pongitore, the Photographic Competition "Castelluccio Amore Mio", aimed at enhancing the architectural heritage of Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore.


The competition is reserved exclusively for students of the local middle school, protagonists of the awareness and communication action.


The photo contest is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore and the Municipality of Castelluccio Superiore, through the Mayors Paolo Campanella and Giovanni Ruggiero.


The execution is delegated to the Project Office which coordinates the Program, entrusted to Tanteitalie BV.


The competition benefits from the agreement between the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore, the Polytechnic of Turin, and Tanteitalie BV.


The Turin Polytechnic, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Basilicata, the Ricomincio da Tre Association support the initiative - with teaching and evaluation.


The competition involves participation prizes, participation certificates, and certificates of merit. The certificates of merit are awarded on the basis of the judgment of the International Jury and the Local Jury.





For the pedagogical contribution to the students:

  • Giovanna Iacutius

  • Nicola Anania

  • Silvia Banfo

  • Silvia Gron

  • Simonetta Montonato


For agreeing to be part of the jury / For taking part to the Jury:

  • Simonetta Montonato (Architect at the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Basilicata);

  • Silvia Gron (Architect and Specialist in Architectural and Landscape Heritage, Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Polytechnic of Turin);

  • Judith Kadee (Curator at the Escher Museum in Het Paleis, The Hague - Netherlands);

  • Pradeep Kini (Professor and Associate Director at the Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, Karnataka, India);

  • Aya Yamanouchi (Learning and Development Manager, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Tokyo, Japan);

  • Lodovico Alessandri (Architect Designer with experience in the field of restoration);

  • Paolo Campanella (Mayor of Castelluccio Inferiore);

  • Giovanni Ruggiero (Mayor of Castelluccio Superiore);

  • Giovanna Iacuzio (President of the cultural association "Ricomincio da Tre");

  • Egidio Sproviero (Doctor and expert connoisseur of the Mercure Valley);

  • Luciano Longo (Artist and expert connoisseur of the Mercure Valley);

  • Demia Gioia (Professional Photographer - Photojournalist).


For having accepted to operate to verify compliance with the regulations:

  • Eros Capostagno

  • Paolo Marra


For having collaborated in the creation of the virtual environment for the training of students:

  • Bianca Di Sanzo





The photos will be evaluated by each member of the Juries and the final scores will form the basis on which the certificates will be awarded. The certificates will be awarded to the students by the Headmaster Nicola Pongitore.

The participation prizes * emphasize awareness of the merits of the territory, of outdoor activities, of the beauty that surrounds us. Participation prizes include the River Tribe Rafting Experience and a special guided tour of the Bos Primigenius in the enchanting Mercure Lao Valley.

The competition is excluded from prize operations pursuant to art. 6 of Presidential Decree 26 October 2001 n. 430.



* Considering that:

  • The competition is intended only for pupils of the Castelluccio Inferiore School Complex

  • Events in which the prizes are intended for public bodies or institutions that have social and charitable purposes (for example schools) are not considered prize events

  • Contests without purchase constraints in which the prizes are made up of appreciable and significant objects in a symbolic sense, but of low cost, are not considered prize events

  • The competition does not include expenses for the participants

it is not considered necessary for this competition to request ministerial authorization.





The aim of the competition is to sensitize young people to the value of the architectural heritage of the territory of Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore, and to make them primary actors in the communication of this value, internalizing it.


The objective is achieved by encouraging young people with prizes awarded according to the aesthetic judgment expressed by a variety of individuals, to represent different sensitivities, in different places in the world, and to bring out a shared aesthetic sense.


Through the competition, young people will have the opportunity to associate their photographic works with the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage present in the area, reflecting in particular on the valuable or recovered buildings that characterize this area and make it unique. The territory, therefore, is consulted, interrogated and made digital, facilitating its promotion and protection.





The proposed competition sections are five, and offer the opportunity to illustrate, through a journey of images, the places of the territory of Castelluccio Superiore and Inferiore, in the enchanting Mercure Lao Valley.


The competition creates the conditions to communicate the images of the territory to the world. It offers the opportunity to capture the emotions that the territory offers, through its more or less known spaces, and giving particular importance to the artistic and cultural heritage, history and memory of which the territory is the holder.


The competition makes it possible to educate young people, to support teachers in their pedagogical task, to make the best use of national and international relations, to take a census of prestigious buildings and to be recovered, to better communicate the architectural heritage.


The awareness of what one is, of one's own history, is at the basis of the development strategy and contrast to the demographic decline of the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore, which the Municipality of Castelluccio Superiore is associated with, and which is aimed at the entire Mercure Valley. Lao.


The Competition Format - its rules, organizational formula, composite name, each logo, annexed and connected - constitutes the intellectual property of Strategists United.


Concorso fotografico_Logo_Castelluccio a

"Castelluccio Amore Mio" Photo Contest


Castelluccio Amore Mio Massimo

Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore, Photo by Massimo Celano

Project Conception: Leo Giannotti, Strategists United, under the Repositioning Competitive Program, Strategic and Transformational of Castelluccio Inferiore "I Cammini dell'Armonia"


Project Manager: Francesca Meineri

Communication Manager: Veronica Valepiano

Gifts and Happiness Manager: Susanne Kroes

Project Office: Vincenzo Toscani

Client and Strategy: Leo Giannotti

Castelluccio Inferiore, Photo by Leo Giannotti

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