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Wednesday 19 November 2021 - Agenda in progress 
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Stella cadente

Diamonds in the dark

"And then we went out to see the stars" (Inferno, XXXIV)

Antonio De Luca dedicates this article to amateur astronomers, and identifies, in particular in Basilicata, about 700 - 1000 amateur astronomers.

The Pollino area lends itself perfectly to observation of the sky thanks to the very low levels of light pollution.

The UAI called the Pollino area the "Cerro Paranal" of Italy, and the Vatican Observatory itself had at the time considered the area for the installation of an astronomical observatory.

There are many amateurs interested in astronomical observation:  why not equip oneself with suitable infrastructures to welcome and support them adequately?

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November 19

Partial lunar eclipse

The moon will be 97% obscured, bathed in red light cast by the Earth's shadow. The only area that will remain illuminated is the one at the bottom left.


Unfortunately, in Italy it will be hardly visible because it will take place from 7 to 10 in the morning, a good 3 hours, from the moment the Moon enters the shadow cone of the Earth.

According to astronomers, it will be possible to observe it perfectly in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Russia.  


In Northern Italy and, probably, also in some regions of the Center it will still be possible to see it.

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"Our name contains everything we are, we want to do and we want to represent. We want to open our minds to a necessary change , free them from prejudices and uncertainties that the course of our territory leads us to have and instead look at the enormous potential that it offers us. " 

Danilo Catalano - Councilor of the Municipal Administration of Castelluccio Inferiore, member of the Liberamente Lucani Association, and doctor in Geological Sciences.

Freely Lucani

Socio-cultural association

The "Liberamente Lucani" association was born as an independent and no-profit organization, with the aim of creating aggregation, and promoting the development of socio-cultural events and activities, aimed at favoring the development of the territory.