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Mercurion Hotspot was created to facilitate the change that the Italian villages in the Mercure Lao valley need. It is one of the tools available for the implementation of a strategy.


In particular it is the tool for the implementation of a collaborative method - in heterarchy - and satisfies the need for a catalyst element between individuals, families, organizations, institutions and companies.


Mercurion Hotspot is configured as a natural attractor of minds and ideas, and of connection of these with the institutions and citizenship.


Mercurion Hotspot is a Destination Management and Event Management vehicle.

Here you will find the latest message, prepared for the Matera 2021 G20

Our strategy

Founding values


The value of the Mercure Lao Valley is in the purity of water, air, soil, and food.


The value of people is in their inner beauty.




We are open to the ideas of young people and professionals who want to help us innovate, improve, build and recover, solving problems of sustainability, mobility, architecture and landscaping. We would like to keep environmental monitoring to understand how to improve.


We would like to create the conditions for young people to find, within a dynamic process of growth, the motivation and economic remuneration to work in the valley, and for professionals who have gone to work abroad a modern platform to work in a healthy and natural environment.



Together, we will change the Mercure Lao Valley, a true Beauty Workshop. The whole world will soon know. Join us. Bring your Value. Increase Beauty.


No child of this earth will ever abandon it with bitterness, but if he wants to get away from it, he will do it for good reasons, of his own will, and with pride.







We want to create a beauty laboratory

5 goals

  1. Countering the demographic depletion of the village
  2. Protect and enhance the beauty of the territory
  3. Govern the territory in accordance with the best methodologies
  4. Increase the competitiveness of the products and services of our area
  5. Activate and maintain an international exchange of people and knowledge

As the modern world pollutes itself, and increases its degradation, we believe that the value of the Mercure Lao Valley is in the purity of water, air, soil, and food. We believe that the added value from visitors to Castelluccio - whom we consider temporary guests and fellow citizens - is not in the fact that they arrive in the country to consume, but in the fact that they come to us to contribute with their intelligence and personality.


We therefore want to attract and interact with quality people, a particular segment of individuals. We want to offer the territory as an open-air laboratory, to increase the beauty we already enjoy, but which we must preserve. We want to invite young people to come to us to help us innovate, improve, build and recover, solve problems of sustainability, mobility, architectural and landscape recovery, environmental monitoring.

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