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Tuesday 21 September 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Corso online di Lingua Inglese A2
Il corso avrà inizio il 5 Ottobre per un ammontare di 36 ore di didattica Online in cui imparerai a parlare con frasi semplici di te stesso, del tuo lavoro e dell'ambiente.

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25 September, 10:30 CEST | Open Day | English and Italian courses


Italian and English spoken

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No upcoming events at the moment

Course of Italian Language A2
The course start on October 5th for a total of 36 hours of Online teaching in which you will learn to speak with simple sentences about yourself, your work and the environment.

Life Coaching

ReSonance®️ Start.

Coaching for Life.


One step of a generative path.


October 3, 2021, Castelluccio Inferiore, from 10:00 to 18:00.


The principle of a generative path of personal and professional growth, guided by

Simone Pacchiele and Teresa Mazzilli.

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On August 30, 2021

the excavation campaign has started in the Laino Borgo area, directed by prof. Fabrizio Mollo of the University of Messina. Look at the poster

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Laino, 2019 Excavation Campaign, Credits: Fabrizio Mollo

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Laino, 2019 Excavation Campaign, Credits: Fabrizio Mollo

To find out what it is, register and  watch the first video lesson ( with English subtitles!).

This is the extract from the Webinar "Archaeological excavations in the Mercure Lao Valley", organized by the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore with Strategists United, in collaboration with the University of Messina and MIBACT Basilicata.


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