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July 27 | Papasidero | Concert of San Pantaleo

Updated: Jul 28, 2021



The performance will have as protagonists some youth musicians of Apulian Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO) who composed the Ayso Wind Ensemble.

The repertoire, in a suggestive and overwhelming music travel for wind instruments only, includes tracks of 19th and 20th century composers.

The atmospheres retein the feel of France on 19th century with Divertissement (1894) of Emile Bernard, the sourges of emotions and engaging symphony of Luisa Miller (1849) by Giuseppe Verdi e the evocative nature of Manon Lescaut interlude (1889-1892) by Giacomo Puccini.

The repertoire will be completed by the German Joseph Joachim Raff with Sinfonietta who coined this term to indicate a orchestral opera like a symphony, but with a shortest content, with a light touch in a ideal sheet music for a little wind ensamble.

The land of Papasidero provides an amazing beauty.

The Lao river breathes .

The wind flows to the mountain, at sunrise.

Then, at sunset, the wind settles down.

Then, in summer, the wind falls to the sea, to the opposite direction. On early afternoon, the freshest place is the river.

Then, at sunset, the landscape is different everyday because the sun shines on different parts day by day.

When night falls, the Milky Way appears on Firmamento, cause there are few lights on Valley.

Do you feel the Beauty that waiting for you?


B&B Matilde has two rooms. A balcony oriented to West. Grotta del Romito and Avena's village are so close. The night falls and you could observe the stars on the balcony, if the sky is clear.

Hyperlapse - July 11 (morning) - B&B Matilde's balcony. Do you like it?

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