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Castelluccio Inferiore: Strategic Intent

I am Paolo Campanella, the mayor of Castelluccio Inferiore, my beautiful village, which is located in the Mercure Lao Valley, in the Pollino National Park, one of the largest national parks in Italy and Europe, in the beautiful region of Basilicata.

I would like to announce with this message the strategic intent of our administration, and extend an invitation to all of you to collaborate with us.

We have a vision of what our country could be and become, the valley in which it is located, and we want to make it happen as soon as possible.

We have five strategic objectives.

  • The first objective is to counter the demographic emptying of our village.

  • The second is to protect and enhance and enhance the beauty of our territory.

  • The third point is to govern the territory in which we live in accordance with the best methodologies.

  • We would obviously like to increase the competitiveness of the products and services of our entire area.

  • We will try to activate and maintain an exchange of people and knowledge at an international level.

While the modern world increases its degradation, we believe that the value of

the Mercure Lao Valley is that of the purity of air, water, soil and food.

Visitors who can come to Castelluccio, we consider them first of all as guests, as temporary fellow citizens.

We believe that these people who come to us can contribute their intelligence and personality. We therefore want to attract and interact with quality people, with a particular segment of individuals.

In our journey we want to offer the territory as an open-air laboratory, to increase the beauties we already enjoy, and which we must preserve in every way.

We want to invite young people to come to Castelluccio so that they can help us innovate, improve, build, recover and solve problems of sustainability, mobility, architectural and landscape recovery, as well as environmental monitoring.

We want young people to find here the motivation and remuneration to be happy with what can be done in Castelluccio and in the Mercure Lao Valley in terms of both the quality of life and the activities that take place here, in consonance with what is sensitivity to environmental issues.

We want to accompany our own young people in a dynamic growth process. We also want them not to lose contact with our territory.

We don't want degradation, we don't want alienation, we don't want ugliness.

We try to cultivate beauty and harmony. This is not about castles in the air or a commercial enterprise , or a political project falling from above. It is an invitation to participate in a co-creation process, which activates the interests of residents, entrepreneurs, guests, professionals, and subjects such as universities and large organizations.

With the help of a strategist, we have a strategy. With the help of a manager, we have a Project Office. With the help of architects and technologists we have developed a portfolio of projects. We have entered into agreements with universities. We still intend to stipulate others. We want to trigger a process and keep an overview.

We have reflected on the landscape reorganization, and in this reorganization we have imagined to redevelop the Waterfalls of the San Giovanni river, the Filanda building, the cycle paths, the paths we have .... so many paths that there are here.

We also imagined the recovery of what our village is from an architectural point of view; and in addition we want to be helped to design, build, and animate a Dojo, to attract martial arts and yoga practitioners from all over the world.

We intend to organize meetings, conferences, meetings, workshops, sessions of training, study, and co-planning. We ask university professors to formulate research programs for students, and obviously to bring them here to deal with concrete problems, concrete to the point of being able to help us. We will try to finance the most relevant projects.

This is a first message. Of course we still intend to issue more messages, periodically.

Send me please criticisms, observations, adhesion ... and the next step will obviously be to make a joint agenda, shared with all of you.

Ours, as I said before, is a beauty laboratory, and certainly with you this valley will become much more beautiful.


To send observations, proposals, adhesion, and criticism, click here.

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