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"Castelluccio Amore Mio" Photo Contest Rules

Excluded from prize operations pursuant to art. 6 of Presidential Decree 26 October 2001 n. 430

Strategists United, under the Repositioning Competitive Program, Strategic and Transformational of Castelluccio Inferiore, interpreting the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop, conceived for the students of the "Don Bosco" Comprehensive Institute, Lower Secondary School , Plexus of Castelluccio Inferiore "Emanuele Gianturco", represented School Director Nicola Pongitore, the Photographic Competition "Castelluccio Amore Mio", aimed at enhancing the architectural heritage of Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore.



The competition is reserved exclusively for students of the local middle school, protagonists of the awareness and communication action.

The photo contest is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore and the Municipality of Castelluccio Superiore, through the Mayors Paolo Campanella and Giovanni Ruggiero.



The execution is delegated to the Project Office which coordinates the Program, entrusted to Tanteitalie BV.

The competition benefits from the agreement between the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore, the Polytechnic of Turin, and Tanteitalie BV.


The Turin Polytechnic, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Basilicata, the "Ricomincio da Tre" Association support the initiative - with teaching and evaluation.

The competition involves participation prizes, participation certificates, and certificates of merit. The certificates of merit are awarded on the basis of the judgment of the International Jury and the Local Jury.


Below is the complete Regulation, which can also be downloaded in pdf format










Strategists United promotes the photo contest of images relating to Castelluccio Inferiore and Castelluccio Superiore. The photographic competition aims to bring out the artistic sensitivity and attention to the urban fabric of Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore, offering greater knowledge and enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage of which the town is the holder.


The aim of the competition is to sensitize young people to the value of the architectural heritage of the territory of Castelluccio Inferiore and Superiore, and make them primary actors in the communication of this value, internalizing it.

The objective is achieved by encouraging young people with prizes awarded according to the aesthetic judgment expressed by a variety of individuals, to represent different sensitivities, in different places in the world, and to bring out a shared aesthetic sense.


Through the competition, young people will have the opportunity to associate their photographic works with the promotion of the historical-cultural heritage present in the area, reflecting in particular on the valuable or recovered buildings that characterize this area and make it unique.  






The works of the artists must be delivered according to the procedures defined in the following articles, by midnight of Sunday 16 May 2021. Please note that all the works that will be sent at a later time will not be considered the selective purposes of the competition.






The sections of the photo contest are as follows:


  • The building (representation of the building in its entirety);

  • The detail of the building (representation of a detail of the building, eg: railing, window, etc.);

  • The interior of the building (representation of an internal space of a building);

  • The ruin (building characterized by a state of neglect);

  • The unknown treasure (particular building little or nothing known to the local jury).






Participation in the Photo Competition is open to students of the first, second and third grades of the "Don Bosco" Comprehensive Institute, First Grade Secondary School, Plexus of Castelluccio Inferiore.


Participation is free.


Each student chooses a section of the competition, while the second is assigned by the teacher of reference. It will be the responsibility of the reference teacher to check that each section of the competition has more than three photographs. In this regard, each student will be able to freely choose a section of the competition for which to participate and will subsequently be assigned a second section of the competition by the teacher of reference, who will take into consideration a correct distribution of the students among the five sections of the competition.



The photos in competition will therefore be two for each student. No more than two photographs per student can be submitted for the competition.



The photograph must be accompanied by a unique identification code (provided by the school), a title, and a short text of up to 144 characters, for example a short description that allows the jury to identify the building being shot with simple words of accompaniment, the subject or context that inspired the author, or the technical characteristics of the building (refer to template: “Description” file uploaded on the Microsoft Teams platform). This text will be evaluated together with the photo.


The pupil who competes in the “Castelluccio Amore Mio” photo contest guarantees that it is a photo taken by the pupil himself, and not a copy or a photo made by others.


With his participation, the student self-certifies that the conception, the realization, and therefore the copyright of the photos submitted in the competition belongs to the student in question.


In this way, relying on the ethical integrity of the students, the organizers are relieved of responsibility in the event of disputes by third parties.


It is not possible to propose works that the student has previously published on personal websites or on social networks and digital photos can be subjected to filters.


Please note: participation in the competition program focuses on the regulatory aspect of Disability Studies. The reference teachers will accompany the students by projecting the experience and perceptions of each one in a network of emotional meanings.






The submission of the works will be made via the Microsoft Team platform by 24 hours of Sunday 16 May 2021 under the responsibility of the reference teacher, who will supervise the uploading of the photographic works in the specific section.


For each of the two photos presented, the following files are required to be sent to the correct folder on the Microsoft Team platform:


  • The photograph participating in the competition which must have the following characteristics:

    • JPG format image;

    • With file size not exceeding 25 MB;

    • In free format, both horizontally and vertically.

  • A text file (e.g. a Word file) containing the unique identification code, whether it is the first photo or the second photo, the title of the photograph and the short text of up to 144 characters (refer to template: "Description" file uploaded on the Teams platform).


These elements must be inserted in a form specially generated by the staff who manages the school platform, who will also provide the relative instructions to fill it in for the participating students.


The photos will be uploaded by Strategists United to this "Mercurion Hotspot" platform, anonymously. The link will be communicated later through the appropriate channels.





Please note that it is allowed:

  • The use of photo retouching (the juries will reward or penalize excessive retouching);

  • Make changes to the photographs by means of photomontages (the student must have the authorship of every single component of the final work; in no case is the possibility of using images or parts of images taken from the web allowed);

  • Use both black and white and color photographic techniques, depending on your preference.


We remind you that recognizable persons cannot and must not be represented in any way in the photographs presented for the competition.






The regularity of the competition in compliance with this regulation will be guaranteed by:


  • Guarantor of the regularity of the Competition and of the awarding of prizes: Eros Capostagno

  • Statutory Auditor: Paolo Marra


The evaluation of the works will take place anonymously with specific evaluation criteria.

The works of the participants will be evaluated by special juries, made up as follows:


For sections A, B, C, D :


Jury of international critics  


Coordinator with vote: Leo Giannotti (Strategists United)


  • Simonetta Montonato (Architect at the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Basilicata);

  • Silvia Gron (Architect and Specialist in Architectural and Landscape Heritage, Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Polytechnic of Turin);

  • Judith Kadee (Curator at the Escher Museum in Het Paleis, The Hague - Netherlands);

  • Pradeep Kini (Professor and Associate Director at the Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, Karnataka - India);

  • Aya Yamanouchi (Learning and Development Manager, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Tokyo - Japan).


For section E:


Jury for local critics' awards


Coordinator with vote: Lodovico Alessandri (Architect Designer with experience in the field of restoration);


  • Paolo Campanella (Mayor of Castelluccio Inferiore);

  • Giovanni Ruggiero (Mayor of Castelluccio Superiore);

  • Giovanna Iacuzio (President of the cultural association "Ricomincio da Tre");

  • Egidio Sproviero (Doctor and expert connoisseur of the Mercure Valley);

  • Luciano Longo (Artist and expert connoisseur of the Mercure Valley);

  • Demia Gioia (Professional Photographer - Photojournalist).


The juries will meet for the evaluations during the month of May 2021, and will express their vote through the two coordinators, the Guarantor of the regularity of the Competition and the awarding of the prizes Eros Capostagno and the Legal Auditor Paolo Marra by 24 hours of the day. May 26, 2021.


The final results will be communicated by the Guarantor of the regularity of the Competition and the awarding of the prizes Eros Capostagno and by the Statutory Auditor Paolo Marra during the award ceremony, on the morning of June 2, 2021 at 10 am.






The photos will be evaluated by each member of the Jury on the basis of a score from 0 to 10 for each photo, title and text, on the basis of an evaluation grid (to be defined with the Jury). The votes will be added together for each photo, to reach a final score associated with the photos. This final score will make it possible to identify photos worthy of merit, on the basis of which certificates of merit will be awarded.


The date of the official award ceremony will be June 2, 2021, 10:00 am.




The vote by the juries is not contestable since it is based on the discretion of each member of the jury, based on independent artistic, technical, and symbolic evaluations for each member.






The awards * emphasize awareness of the merits of the territory, of outdoor activities, of the beauty that surrounds us. The prizes are not in cash.

Participation prizes include the River Tribe Rafting Experience and a special guided tour of the Bos Primigenius in the enchanting Mercure Lao Valley.


* Considering that:

  1. The competition is intended only for pupils of the Castelluccio Inferiore School Complex

  2. Events in which the prizes are intended for public bodies or institutions that have social and charitable purposes (for example schools) are not considered prize events

  3. Contests without purchase constraints in which the prizes are made up of objects that are appreciable and significant in a symbolic sense, but of low cost, are not considered prize events

  4. The competition does not include expenses for the participants

It is not considered necessary for this competition to request the Ministerial Authorization.






The photographic works that are the subject of the competition are protected by copyright. By participating in this competition, the participants and the "Don Bosco" Comprehensive Institute grant Strategists United the right to publish these photos on the website and - after the communication of the certificates of merit - the exclusive license to use some photos in relation to the follow-up to the competition event. There is no transfer of copyright according to Law 22/04/1941 n. 633.






At the same time as the photo competition, in support of the students, Strategists United organized in-depth lessons on the themes of photography, art, and architecture that will be made available to participants free of charge.






Protection of privacy and purpose of the processing for which the data are intended.


Information on the processing of personal data.
Pursuant to the GDPR n. 679/2016 and of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (legislation on privacy) to participate in the photo contest "Castelluccio Amore Mio" will not be collected personal data relating to the participants, but only the codes of the photos. The common personal data relating to the authors, the members of the jury, the project organizers, and all other personal data that may be collected, will be processed exclusively for the participation and management of the competition as well as for the fulfillment of any obligations of law, regulation or deriving from community legislation. The treatment will be aimed at: preparing the certificates of participation and certificates of merit, contacting the participants if necessary, for example for the delivery of certificates of participation and merit, to fulfill any other operational and managerial need related to the competition . The processing of personal data is lawful if the interested party (or whoever has parental authority) has given consent to the processing of their personal data (or of the minor).


Methods of data processing.

The processing will take place with computerized / automated and paper / manual systems designed to store, manage and transmit the data, with logic strictly related to the purposes outlined above, by persons specifically appointed to do so. Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access to them. Communication and dissemination of data will be processed by personnel appointed by the owner and will not be disclosed to third parties except to the Supervisory and Control Authority following inspections / verifications or in the cases provided for by law, to consultants and suppliers of technical services. It is possible to publish the best photos selected by the jury, including the indication of the authors' data as well as publication on the website and on social networks.


Data retention.

The retention period of the data subject's personal data is strictly limited to the implementation of the initiative.


Rights of the interested party.

For the purposes of a correct and transparent treatment, we inform you that the interested party:

  • You can obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him;

  • You can ask the data controller to access your personal data and to update, correct, integrate or delete them or limit their processing or to oppose their processing, also for the purpose of sending institutional material. of the owner, without prejudice to the legitimate interest in processing by the owner himself;

  • The interested party has the right to the portability of his personal data if this is possible with reference to the specific purposes of the processing;

  • If the processing of personal data is based on consent, the interested party (or whoever has parental authority) can revoke the consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given before the revocation;

  • The interested party can lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;

  • The provision of personal data by the interested party is in any case spontaneous;

  • The provision of data is optional, however, in the event of failure to provide the data , participation in the competition will not be possible;

  • Personal data will not be profiled, except for the purposes of the photo contest.


Owner and manager of data on the Murcurion Hotspot Platform.

The data controller is Pantaleo Giannotti.

The data protection officer can be contacted at the email address






Participation in the competition determines the unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in these regulations.

The Competition Format is protected by Copyright.


The Competition Format - its rules, organizational formula, composite name, each logo, annexed and connected - constitutes the intellectual property of Strategists United.





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