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🌗 Last Quarter of the Waning Moon

Monday 30  August 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Find out what happens in the Valley
and don't miss the upcoming events

On August 30, 2021

the excavation campaign has started in the Laino Borgo area, directed by prof. Fabrizio Mollo of the University of Messina. Look at the poster

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Laino, 2019 Excavation Campaign, Credits: Fabrizio Mollo

To find out what it is, register and  watch the first video lesson ( with English subtitles!).

This is the extract from the Webinar "Archaeological excavations in the Mercure Lao Valley", organized by the Municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore with Strategists United, in collaboration with the University of Messina and MIBACT Basilicata.


In order not to miss the developments of this excavation campaign, 
join the community
of Archeology.


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Laino, 2019 Excavation Campaign, Credits: Fabrizio Mollo


If you want to be an actor in this transformation process, write to this address

to enrich the Shared Agenda. 

Famiglia a pesca


The Autumn Equinox is coming soon, an important event. It will be a moment to take stock of the situation.


Here you read the strategic intent, and here considerations on the Problem Problem .

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The mystery
del Toro del Lao


The Lao Bull represents the Genius Loci of the Mercure Lao Valley. It is a graffiti on a large boulder depicting a majestic bovid (called Bos Primigenius ). The discovery of the graffiti took place in 1961, and has been dated by experts as belonging to the Upper Paleolithic .

It is one of the oldest testimonies of prehistoric art in Italy , and one of the most important in Europe.


The formidable graffiti is found at the entrance to the Grotta del Romito, in the Papasidero area, in the Mercure Lao Valley.

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BotanicuM 2021

From 17 to 19 September, the theme of the scientific program of the annual conference of updating and professional training of BotanicuM 2021 will be dedicated to Positive Biology.


“Culture of health, well-being, vitality and beauty” in a historical moment in which the best answers for the healthy balance of human biology can be found in Nature.

Find out more

Join the Community 
and continue reading the topic
by BotanicuM 2021!

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We will accept,

we will design,

and we will build

the Dojo of Light

in Castelluccio.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Read here  and sign up

to the Aikido Community .

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We want to make

the Valley of the Mercure Lao

a real Beauty Workshop!

Do you know places in the Valley that can host small and large events, such as classical music concerts or theatrical performances?


Help us find them!


Contact us to report any type of place that can host events, both outside and inside.

Collaborate with us so that the organization of events becomes more and more efficient and participation is numerous in every meeting.

Write to us at:

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Enter Mercurion Hotspot and take part in the creation of the Beauty Lab

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