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We facilitate transformation

Mercurion Hotspot is the Strategic, Competitive and Transformative tool of the Mercure Lao Valley.
With Values of Beauty, Harmony and Sustainability we spread awareness for a healthier, cleaner, beautiful and hospitable Valley.

Find out what happens in the Mercure Lao Valley

As the modern world pollutes itself, and increases its own degradation, we believe that

the value of the Mercure Lao Valley is in the purity of water, air, soil, and food.


The value added by visitors to the Valley is not that they come to consume,

but in the fact that they come to us to contribute with their intelligence and personality.


Find out about upcoming events in the Mercure Lao Valley

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Type in comfort

Our blog: events, stories, strategies

Famiglia a pesca

Our goals

Goal 1

Countering the demographic emptying of the villages and the motivational decline

Our discussion communities

Activate and maintain an international exchange of people and knowledge

it's one of our goals.


Choose a group of your interest and join our communities for free

The Mercure Lao Valley is a

"Laboratorio di Bellezza"

If you know an event, a concert, a festival, a reason to meet in the Mercure Lao Valley, do not hesitate to let us know. If you want to establish a Shared Agenda with us. do not hesitate. Use this form and write to us.

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