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Thursday 4 November 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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* Anzoleconte: Study of the toponym

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Maria Gabriella Conte in a precious study wonders about the origin of the toponym * Anzoleconte.

The term refers to a place frequented from a social point of view as there are located a series of local services.


The toponym, relegated exclusively to oral use for a long time, underwent a process of "Italianization" when the territory began to arouse building, social and economic attention.

Laino Borgo

Diamonds in the Dark

Antonio De Luca reflects on light pollution as a phenomenon that prevents a good percentage of Italians from looking at the Milky Way, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Italy is among the countries with the most light pollution.


The area of the Pollino National Park, in particular the area south-east of the municipality of Castelluccio Inferiore, is among the areas with the least light pollution in the Italian territory.

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Inquinamento luminoso Italia
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Laino Borgo:
Scents and Flavors of Autumn

The "Tasting of the White Poverello Bean" , an identity product recognized as a slow food presidium, will be held on October 30th.

During the day there will be a visit to the fields of the poor white bean at the "Masseria Gioia", Loc. Iannello.


Afterwards you can stroll in the historic center among murals and markets.

And finally , at Piazza Navarro there will be Gastronomic Stands with tastings of dishes based on the poor white bean.  


The evening will be accompanied by the music of "Neri a Metà".

Viggianello il Gusto del Pollino
Laino Borgo Profumo d'Autunno

Autumn Days

The Autumn Days organized by FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, will be held in Castelluccio Inferiore on 16 and 17 October.

This year the days are dedicated to the discovery of the Mother Church of San Nicola di Myra .

Residents and tourists will have the opportunity to stroll through the markets of typical products, tastings, street food, roasted chestnuts and lots of fun from 16:00 on Saturday and from 10:00 on Sunday.

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