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Tuesday 6 October 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Authentic villages of Italy

In Rotonda, during the day dedicated to the " authentic villages of Italy ", it will be possible to take an urban route in the historic center until you reach the Paraturo stream and admire the waterfall called "a furceddra" in the heart of the village.

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Walking day

During the " Giornata del Camminare " event it will be possible to take a 10 km route in the Rossano forests accompanied by the stories of Eugenio De Simone's banditry and guided by  Flaviano Lavia and Michele Abastante .

Re-establish (li) tare places: happy diversion in inland areas

It will be held in Campotenese (Morano Calabro)  a narrated journey through which the participants will be involved, with the guidance of Francesco Bevilacqua , author and ideologist, in an experience that will enable them to look at the rural inland areas from a new perspective.

Click here to find out how we imagine Castelluccio Inferiore in 2025.

Percorso nelle foreste
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Who is Franco Arminio?

On 10 October Rotonda will host Franco Arminio , as part of the activities scheduled for the National Day of Authentic Villages.

And no one like Franco Arminio can embody the spirit of this Day. A life dedicated to the defense of small villages, to the tireless pursuit of the wonders of internal Italy, whose depopulation it fights.

Franco Arminio, scholar of a science that combines ethnology, poetry and geography: a science that Arminio himself invented to study and protect these endangered creatures that are the towns of his Irpinia.

Click here to find out more.

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Corso online di Lingua Inglese A2
Il corso avrà inizio il 5 Ottobre per un ammontare di 36 ore di didattica Online in cui imparerai a parlare con frasi semplici di te stesso, del tuo lavoro e dell'ambiente.

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Online Course of Italian Language | Italian language course
Mercurion Hotspot organizes Italian language courses. The courses are conceived for users of any linguistic background. The aim is to internationalize the Mercure Lao Valley.

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What is the intent?

We propose the Mercure Lao Valley as a Beauty Workshop.  We have 5 goals. 

Goal 2

Protect, enhance, and enhance the beauty of the territory.


The Autumn Equinox is coming soon, an important event. It will be a moment to take stock of the situation.


Here you read the strategic intent, and here considerations on the Problem Problem .

Famiglia nella Valle del Mercure Lao
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The story begins on January 1st 2019: Matera European Capital  of Culture. A very important signal for all of Southern Italy.  Since that distant January we have grown. Do you want to know what happened? Click here.

Here you read the strategic intent, and  Problem Problem Considerations.

If you want to be an actor in this transformation process, write to this address

to enrich the Shared Agenda. 

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Crypto Strategy
Egidio Sproviero

A compelling science-crushing story set in the Mercure Lao Valley.
A unique and surprising intertwining, which will lead the protagonists to fight to be able to obtain company secrets, passing through dramas and murders.

From 7 October available in all bookstores.

Click here to find out more.

Il Triangolo Cartolibreria in Via Roma, 167, 85040 Castelluccio Inferiore PZ

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Biographical notes

The author: Egidio Sproviero was born in Castelluccio Inferiore, in the Mercure Lao Valley, in 1962.
Author of numerous scientific publications in national and international journals, he is a columnist for periodicals with national circulation. Expert in the subject of dialects from the Lausberg area, he is at his literary debut.

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We will accept,

we will design,

and we will build

the Dojo of Light

in Castelluccio.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Read here  and sign up

to the Aikido Community .

Dojo della luce a Castelluccio Inferiore
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Our Blog


We want to make

the Valley of the Mercure Lao

a real Beauty Workshop!

Do you know places in the Valley that can host small and large events, such as classical music concerts or theatrical performances?


Help us find them!


Contact us to report any type of place that can host events, both outside and inside.

Collaborate with us so that the organization of events becomes more and more efficient and participation is numerous in every meeting.

Write to us at:

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Enter Mercurion Hotspot and take part in the creation of the Beauty Lab

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