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Tuesday 6 October 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Authentic villages of Italy

In Rotonda, during the day dedicated to the " authentic villages of Italy ", it will be possible to take an urban route in the historic center until you reach the Paraturo stream and admire the waterfall called "a furceddra" in the heart of the village.

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Walking day

During the " Giornata del Camminare " event it will be possible to take a 10 km route in the Rossano forests accompanied by the stories of Eugenio De Simone's banditry and guided by  Flaviano Lavia and Michele Abastante .

Re-establish (li) tare places: happy diversion in inland areas

It will be held in Campotenese (Morano Calabro)  a narrated journey through which the participants will be involved, with the guidance of Francesco Bevilacqua , author and ideologist, in an experience that will enable them to look at the rural inland areas from a new perspective.

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Who is Franco Arminio?

On 10 October Rotonda will host Franco Arminio , as part of the activities scheduled for the National Day of Authentic Villages.

And no one like Franco Arminio can embody the spirit of this Day. A life dedicated to the defense of small villages, to the tireless pursuit of the wonders of internal Italy, whose depopulation it fights.

Franco Arminio, scholar of a science that combines ethnology, poetry and geography: a science that Arminio himself invented to study and protect these endangered creatures that are the towns of hi