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Wednesday 13 October 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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The Strada Regia delle Calabrie


Luca Esposito's book illustrates a faithful , geo-referenced cartographic reconstruction of the longest road in southern Italy , as depicted on the Atlas of the Kingdom of Naples between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century.

From Naples to Castrovillari the road covers the distance of 143 Neapolitan miles. The “story” is divided into chapters, each chapter coinciding with a section of the postal itinerary at the end of the eighteenth century .

The Liber @ mente association of Castelluccio Inferiore supports the author's work. The supporting members of the association receive a copy of the book .

It is possible to join the association at the Il Triangolo Cartolibreria in Via Roma 167, Castelluccio Inferiore.

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Castelluccio Inferiore:

Presentation of the book Strategia Criptata by Egidio Sproviero.

Compelling fictional story set in the Mercure Lao Valley!

The presentation will take place on November 13 at the Council Chamber at 18.00.

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strategia criptata Libro
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Castelluccio Superiore:
Conservatory of Ethnobotany.

The first Conservatory of Ethnobotany in Italy was born in Castelluccio Superiore.

On November 13 , at 10.00, the presentation of the Conservatory of Ethnobotany will be held.


From 12.00, however, it will be possible to attend the inauguration

Illustrated Flowers
Conservatorio Etnobotanica Castelluccio
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Saturday 13  and on Sunday 14th November the First Seminar of the Conservatory of Ethnobotany entitled "Color Plants" will be held .


What is the aim of the project?

"Telling visitors about the millennial relationship between plants and humans".

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Local Regeneration and Resistance Plan

Defend against planned depopulation

by Francesco Bevilacqua

Countries such as Cerchiara di Calabria, Plataci and San Lorenzo Bellizzi share a single fate: the " emptying ".

This is a solution of convenience and dictated by profit. In fact, it does not take into account the arduous battles of those who, born and raised in countries and countryside especially in the internal area of Italy, do not intend to abandon their land for  pursuing the "urban myth".


Francesco Bevilacqua opposes resistance to the "planned depopulation" by promoting the local regeneration and resistance plan.

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Castelluccio Inferiore
Castelluccio Inferiore

What is the intent?

In the Mercure Lao Valley, in Castelluccio Inferiore, a proposal was made, a strategic intent was formulated, with five objectives . Fighting demographic decline is the number one goal .

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Goal 2

Protect and enhance the beauty of the territory.

Click here to discover the other Goals



The Autumn Equinox is coming soon, an important event. It will be a moment to take stock of the situation.


Here you read the strategic intent, and here considerations on the Problem Problem .

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Castelluccio Inferiore

The story begins on January 1st 2019: Matera European Capital  of Culture. A very important signal for all of Southern Italy.  Since that distant January we have grown. Do you want to know what happened? Click here.

Here you read the strategic intent, and  Problem Problem Considerations.

If you want to be an actor in this transformation process, write to this address

to enrich the Shared Agenda. 

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Do you know places in the Valley that can host small and large events, such as classical music concerts or theatrical performances?


Help us find them!


Contact us to report any type of place that can host events, both outside and inside.

Collaborate with us so that the organization of events becomes more and more efficient and participation is numerous in every meeting.

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