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 🌓 Last Quarter of the Waning Moon

Thursday 28 October 2021 - Agenda in progress 
Please Note: All events are subject to change.

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Autumn itinerary

Between festivals, events, markets, excursions and nightlife on October 29-30-31, spend an Autumn weekend in the Mercure Lao Valley.
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The "Tasting of the White Poverello Bean" , an identity product recognized as a slow food presidium, will be held on October 30th.

During the day there will be a visit to the fields of the poor white bean at the "Masseria Gioia", Loc. Iannello.


Afterwards you can stroll in the historic center among murals and markets.

And finally , at Piazza Navarro there will be Gastronomic Stands with tastings of dishes based on the poor white bean.  


The evening will be accompanied by the music of "Neri a Metà".

On October 31st , on the day dedicated to "U Scavudatieddu" , you can stroll through the historic center among murals and markets.

Laino Borgo also offers you one  tasting of "Scavudatieddu" , a typical Lainese product with the possibility of attending his live one  preparation and cooking


Finally, from 19:00 , always at  Piazza Navarro, there will be the award ceremony of the 1st "Decorate the pumpkin" competition dedicated to the children of the valley.

Laino Borgo:
Scents and Flavors of Autumn

Bambini che scavano fuori zucche
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The White Poverello Bean is an ecotype of Calabrian and Lucanian bean with a particular white color, hence the name.


It is grown in the western area of the Pollino National Park, specifically in Mormanno, Laino Borgo and Laino Castello.  It is harvested between October and November exclusively by hand .


The "Poverello Bianco" is distinguished from other beans by its large and ovoid seeds, the white skin and without streaks.

It is officially recognized as a Slow Food Presidium.

Laino Borgo

Autumn Days

The Autumn Days organized by FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, will be held in Castelluccio Inferiore on 16 and 17 October.

This year the days are dedicated to the discovery of the Mother Church of San Nicola di Myra .

Residents and tourists will have the opportunity to stroll through the markets of typical products, tastings, street food, roasted chestnuts and lots of fun from 16:00 on Saturday and from 10:00 on Sunday.

Do not miss!

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Castelluccio Inferiore:
Excursions and Chestnut Festival

On October 31st , at Largo San Nicola , from 10:00 you can go on an excursion in search of mushrooms and chestnuts at the Difesa forest. The excursion will be led by a mycologist and expert guide.

From 5.00 pm the food and craft stands will be active . You will also be able to visit the Mycological Exhibition .


To conclude from 8.00 pm we offer you a tasting of typical local products and "Pistiddera".

The evening will be accompanied by Live music.



30 October | Latin American evening at  Demodè | Castelluccio Inferiore ...

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31 October | Celebrate Halloween night in Castelluccio Inferiore ...

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Chestnut Munaredda.

The term "Munnaredda"  in dialect it means "peel" , a name given to it thanks to the particular second peel (episperm) which makes it easily separable from the content of the fruit.

This type of chestnut is distinguished by its light brown color, shiny and very similar to a triangle in shape .  

Munnaredda is a particular ecotype of the chestnut which is running the risk of "extinction" due to the abandonment of the countryside .

Castelluccio Inferiore

Autumn Festival

The 5th edition of the Autumn Festival will be held in Rotonda.

Seven days, from 10 October to 1 November , to celebrate Autumn.

Link to the program

Also on October 31st , at 3 pm the workshop will start  "If you read ... you transform" , scenic make-up for Halloween (free) at the Municipal Library.

From 6.00 pm the protagonists are the "Flavors of Autumn" . A gastronomic stand with the "Zampognari di Laino" await you.

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From Tuesday to Friday | Happy hour at Pollino DiVino in Rotonda ...

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To end the evening you can  attend "Trentacav" , a theatrical performance of the ACAV triennial, at the Selene cine-theater.

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What is the intent?

In the Mercure Lao Valley, in Castelluccio Inferiore, a proposal was made, a strategic intent was formulated, with five objectives . Fighting demographic decline is the number one goal .

Read more

Goal 2

Protect and enhance the beauty of the territory.


The Autumn Equinox is coming soon, an important event. It will be a moment to take stock of the situation.


Here you read the strategic intent, and here considerations on the Problem Problem .

Giovane ragazzo tagliare la legna

The story begins on January 1st 2019: Matera European Capital  of Culture. A very important signal for all of Southern Italy.  Since that distant January we have grown. Do you want to know what happened? Click here.

Here you read the strategic intent, and  Problem Problem Considerations.

If you want to be an actor in this transformation process, write to this address

to enrich the Shared Agenda. 

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